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Analytical Instruments

WD-Medical ( WuFeng )Image

WD-Medical ( WuFeng ) is leading Chinese manufacturer of high-class HPLC systems. Sales of approximate of 1,000 HPLC systems per year and OEM of these systems by various HPLC suppliers worlwide, makes WuFeng company one of the leading players on this market in Asia.

  • - Isocratic and gradient HPLC Systems
  • - High pressure gradient HPLC Systems
  • - Manual and automated HPLC Systems
  • - Wide range of detectors

Konik GroupImage

Konik is European leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation. For more than 30 years Konik develops and manufactures chromatography and mass-spectrometry products.

  • - GC, GC x GC, HRGC
  • - HPLC systems
  • - Multidimensional HPLC x GC or HPLC x GC x GC
  • - LC/MS systems
  • - GC/MS systems
  • - Robotic autosamplers

Yamazen, JapanImage

Yamazen is Asia’s leading manufacturer of MPLC, preparative chromatographs, parallel systems chromatographs, purification systems and consumables with more than 75% of Japanese market. Yamazen owns a patent for TLC dependant peaks RT prediction.

  • - YFLC, YFLC-GRII – MPLC systems
  • - Parallel MPLC systems
  • - W-Prep 2XY Preparative chromatography systems
  • - Parallel Preparative systems
  • - Wide range of pumps, detectors, autosamplers, fraction collectors, software packages
  • - Purification columns and cartridges

Micro-Tech Scientific, USA Image

Micro-Tech Scientific is world’s leading manufacturer of Capillary- and Nano-UPLC and HPLC systems with split-less nano- flow; 2-dimensional, 3- dimensional and 4-dimensional Nano- UPLC/HPLC with on-line ICAT support;

  • - X’TremeSimple Micro-, Capillary- and Nano-UPLC/HPLC Systems
  • - Automated ICAT multi-dimensional UPLC/HPLC systems
  • - Wide range of detectors, autosamplers, fraction collectors, degassers, column ovens, software packages
  • - Micro-bore, nano-bore HPLC columns.

Antec Leyden, The NetherlandsImage

Antec Leyden is a supplier of system solutions using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with electrochemical detection. Dedicated system solutions for environmental, clinical and pharmaceutical applications have been developed at Antec Leyden.

  • - ALEXYS 100 and Alexys 110 fully automatic LC-EC System
  • - ALEXYS Jr. low cost LC-EC System
  • - DECADE-II Electrochemical detector
  • - INTRO Electrochemical detector
  • - Wide range of electrochemical Flowcells with NEW SENCELL

East-West Analytical company, China Image

East-West Analytical is a manufacturer of GC, GC based analyzers, GC/MS, HPLC, AAS, AFS, UV-COD and several other lab products. With more than 300 employees and 4 branches nationwide, East-West Analytical is one of top 10 fastest growing companies in analytical market in China.

  • - GC systems, portable GC, portable PID GC and GC/MS systems
  • - Gas analyzers for Coal mining and Mine gas, mobile analysis lab
  • - HPLC systems
  • - AAS and AFS ( Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy )
  • - UV-COD Analyzers

Postnova Analytics, Germany Image

Postnova Analytics with factories in Germany and USA is a global leader in FFF (Field-Flow Fractionation) technology and systems.

  • - World’s first High Temperature FFF systems
  • - Symmetric Field Flow-Field Fractionation systems
  • - Asymmetric Field Flow-Field Fractionation systems
  • - Thermal Field Flow-Field Fractionation systems
  • - Sedimentation Field Flow-Field Fractionation systems
  • - Gravitational Field Flow-Field Fractionation systems
  • - SEC/GPC systems
  • - HPLC systems and components
  • - Standards

SofTa Corporation, USA


The leading US manufacturer of Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors ( ELSD ). SofTa ELSD models share an innovative Thermo-Split technology for best sensitivity possible in ELSD. With three generations of design and about 2,000 instruments in the field, SofTa corporation is proven as a technology leader in ELS detectors.

  • -SofTA Thermo-Split Evaporative Light Scattering Detectorse

Pharmaceutical test systems

Logan Instruments, USA Image

Logan Instruments is a global leader in dissolution, transdermal and tablet physical testing systems and technology. With 3 production plants worldwide and more than 200 employees, Logan Instruments is truly leading in this field of instruments.

  • - Stand-alone dissolution testers
  • - Automated dissolution systems
  • - Fully automated dissolution systems (off-line, on-line)
  • - Apparatus III test system, manual and automated
  • - Manual transdermal systems
  • - Automated transdermal systems
  • - The world’s only HPLC on-line transdermal testing systems
  • - Fully automated USP 7 Apparatus
  • - Disintegration testers
  • - Hardness testers
  • - Friability testers
  • - Tap density testers
  • - Media deaeration systems
  • - Vessel cleaning systems
  • - Dissolution accessories and consumables

General Laboratory Instruments

Human Corporation, South Korea Image

Human Water Systems is Asia biggest supplier of water purification systems and has Asia market share of about 60%. Human Co. is developing the most sophisticated products with all newest developments in the area of Water Purification.

  • - UP (ASTM Type-I) laboratory water purification systems
  • - RO (PW) laboratory water purification systems
  • - RO and UP laboratory water purification systems
  • - Pilot grade water purification systems
  • - Water Pre-treatment systems
  • - Distillation and filtering systems

Puregas, USA Image

Puregas is leading manufacturer of industrial and laboratory gas generators and air dryers. For over 50 years, Puregas has designed products aimed at helping its customers improve process quality, reduce equipment downtime, and lower operating costs.

  • - Wide range of Nitrogen generators
  • - Caustic-free electrolysis technology Hydrogen generators
  • - Zero-Air generators
  • - CO2 –free Air generators
  • - Air-Dryers
  • - Air purifiers, filters, adsorbers
  • - Oil-free compressors

Kruss Optronic, Germany Image

Kruss Optronic is developer and manufacturer of specialized optical laboratory and gemmological analysis instruments for more than 200 years, since 1796.

  • - Polarimeters
  • - Refractometers
  • - Color sensors
  • - Thermostats
  • - Spectrophotometers
  • - Melting point meters
  • - Fiber Optics
  • - Microscopes
  • - Gemmological instruments

LabTech, Italy

LabTech is European manufacturer of general laboratory equipment.

  • -Water chillers
  • -Hotplates and stirrers
  • -Electrothermal digester

Rudolph Instruments, USA


Rudolph Instruments is an oldest US manufacturer of Polarimeters and Metal Trace Analyzers. World’s first commercial automatic Polarimeter was made by Rudoplh Instruments in 1959.

  • -Digital manual and automatic Polarimeters From single Wavelenght to 7 wavelenghts, including 325 nm
  • -Automatic and manual Saccharimeters
  • -Polariscopes
  • -Ellipsometers
  • -Quartz rotation standards

Hoelzel, Germany


Hoelzel company is the only one Pipette Washer manufacturer worldwide. Hoelzel offers fully automated Pipette Washers for all laboratories size.

  • - MPS, PSD, EPS Laboratory Pipette Washers
  • - DRYSTAR Gel dryers

Supercritical Fluid Technologies, USA


Supercritical Fluid Technologies is developing Supercritical Fluid Extraction systems from 1994. Since this period many generations of these systems were developed with highest quality of engineering. SFT is the world’s leader in the field of Supercritical Fluids.

  • - SFT Supercritical Fluids Extraction and Reaction systems
  • - HPR High-pressure Chemical Reactors

Scientech Inc, USA


Scientech was founded in 1968 by Dr. Robert W. Zimmerer, a former physicist at the National Bureau of Standards. Scientech was also the first American balance manufacturer to utilize microprocessor technology in its line of electronic top-loading balances. All models possess Scientech's exclusive real time temperature compensation software, enabling the scale to yield accurate, reproducible results without the need to recalibrate the scale as the ambient temperature varies.

  • - NEW ZETA Series balances with new weighting technology
  • - HC Series of electronic balances
  • - Series 12000 balances


Laboratory consumables

MicroSolv Technologies, USA


MicroSolv is developer of patented proprietary TYPE-C HPLC columns. Type-C Silica is based on Si-H (Silica Hydride) bond and not Si-OH. Water molecules are not forming the Hydration shell over surface due to lack of Si-OH groups. These columns are exceptionally stable with high temperatures, pH, 100% water mobile phase. The columns have NO memory effects and equilibration of the column takes 1-2 minutes, even for different mobile phases. These columns have many advantages over regular Type-B columns as Possibility to be used in 3 different modes: RP, NP and ANP (HILIC). Yes, the regular C18 column will do a best work when operates in Reversed Phase mode ( CAN, MeOH, Water etc…), Organic Normal Phase ( Hexane, THF etc… ) and ANP – Aqueous Normal Phase ( HILIC ) with same ACN, MeOH, Water. Single column offers widest range for method development and all with exceptional results.

  • -Cogent Bidentate Type-C HPLC columns
  • -HPS Type-B HPLC columns
  • -hQ non-endcapped HPLC columns
  • -Economical e-columns for HPLC
  • -CZE capillaries and consumables
  • -Syringe filters
  • -Membrane filters
  • -All types of HPLC vials, inserts, caps…
  • -HPLC and CZE validation kits

Analtech, USA Image

Analtech is US leader in TLC technology and applications. Analtech developed the FIRST commercially prepared TLC plate in the world in 1961. Since that time, Analtech have dedicated all resources to the improvement of TLC technology.

  • - CycloGraph, centrifugal chromatography (TLC) system
  • - TLC Auto-spotter
  • - TLC Densitometry and photo-documentation systems
  • - Densitometry software packages
  • - Wide selection of different types of TLC Plates
  • - TLC Accessories

Orochem, USA


Orochem Technologies is a biotech company that serves the bioanalysis, genomics, drug discovery, and the proteomics markets. The company's core expertise in the development and manufacturing of customized individual and high throughput Sample Preparation tools that span liquid handling, parallel synthesis, parallel purification, and parallel processing.

  • - Extraction and Protein Crash plates
  • - SPE products
  • - Combinatorial chemistry products
  • - Metal chelate purification, SPIN columns, DESALT columns
  • - Well plates and Filter plates for Drug Discovery
  • - DNA and Oligonucleotides purification/synthesis
  • - Vacuum manifolds, Reactor blocks, Evaporators, Plate washers etc…

Separation Methods Technologies ( SMT ) Image

SMT is the first company which implemented the Self-Assembled Monolayers technology (SAM) in separation sciences. The SAM technique involves reaction of trifunctional silanizing agents with the silica substrate under anhydrous conditions and results in so-called “Horizontal Polymerization” with an unprecedented high-density assembly of molecules on the surface. The unique aspect of SAM is that only monolayer of coverage is achieved with bonding. True silanol-deactivation by using SAM technology in the manufacturing process results in no peak tailing, even for difficult analytes. SMT columns are extremely stable in pH range of 1-12 and temperatures up to 90 C. All major HPLC stationary phases are available.

  • - SMT SAM HPLC columns

Dr. Maisch, GermanyImage

Dr. Maisch Co. is manufacturer of many different phases for HPLC columns since 1995. The best known brand name is ReproSil and many analytical laboratories around the Globe and in Israel as well are using these columns with a great success. Dr. Maisch columns made of purest silica and offers exceptional separation with full column-to-column and batch-to-batch reproducibility.

  • - ReproSil HPLC columns
  • - ReproGel HPLC columns
  • - ReproSil SEC columns
  • - Gold Turbo HPLC columns made with 1.5 micron particles silica
  • - Stability range of specialty columns

ChiroQuest, Hungary Image

ChiroQuest implements a unique HPLC column technology with embedding of H-donor and H-acceptor pairs into the stationary phase and utilizing pi-pi interactions. This feature offers substantially different selectivity for polar and aromatic compounds than conventional RP columns. The columns are working with 100% water and may be used in Reversed-Phase mode as well as in Normal-Phase mode.

  • - CD-Screen HPLC columns. Cyclodextrines and their derivatives separation
  • - Pi-Select HPLC columns. Unique selectivity for polar and aromatic compounds, general applications
  • - Chiral columns

New Era Enterprises, USA Image

  • - NMR sample tubes and accessories
  • - IR/FT-IR supplies and accessories
  • - UV/Vis supplies and accessories



Academy Savant, USAImage Academy Savant offers computer-based and audio-visual training programs for the laboratory. All programs are written by well-known in corresponding areas authors. Savant has teaching programs in Chromatography (HPLC, LC/MS, GC, GC/MS, CE), Spectroscopy (AAS, ICP, CE, MS and spectral interpretation), Safety (Bio/Chem hazards, MSDS, Environmental, Radiation), Compliance and general laboratory skills (Wet chemistry).

Datalys, France Image Datalys is a software company with specifically adapted to the laboratory environment.

  • - AZUR – New generation chromatography data station for LC or GC
  • - OSIRIS – HPLC method development and optimization software
  • - GRAMS/32 AI – Spectroscopy software suite



Spare parts and supplies for analytical laboratory

HPLC systems made by different vendors spare parts and consumables

Deuterium (D2), Tungsten (W), Xe, P/Xe, Hg, Sodium (Na) Lamps for all types of analytical instrumentation.

Full various manufacturers HPLC systems and UV-Vis Spectrophotometers qualification/calibration /validation services according to tightest Regulatory standards.


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